Thursday, July 30, 2009

How to Convince Your Spouse You Need to Remodel

Here are some great lines to use to convince your spouse you need to remodel:

1. We can get a federal tax credit at 30% of the cost up to $1500 for windows and doors, insulation, a new roof, upgraded HVAC, or a new water heater...and think of the savings on our monthly utility bills!
2. The kids are getting older and need a place to hang out with their friends. I'd rather refinish the basement and have them stay here than have them running around "who-knows-where".
3. It's so dark in this house. Wouldn't it be nice to have more natural light in here? I wish we could bring the outside in.
4. I really don't think Grandma should live alone. Let's think about moving her in with us.
5. Someone could trip and fall on this broken concrete. Why don't we replace the patio with a wood deck?
6. Now that we cook at home more often, I feel like we need to upgrade our appliances.
7. I know you want the flat-screen tv, but where are we going to put it?
8. No one is going to buy this house with these outdated cabinets and worn carpet.
9. If you're going to telecommute, you're going to have to have a home office.
10. Now that the kids have moved out, wouldn't it be nice to have a first-floor master bedroom suite with our own bath?
And if you need more supporting evidence of the value of remodeling, check out this remodeling cost vs. value report from Remodeling Magazine.

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