Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We're Stimulating the Economy

We signed a contract last night for a very nice custom home---approximately 4000 square feet. I started thinking what a nice burst for the economy that would be and how many people are actually involved in the physical construction of a single family residence. I didn't even consider the architect, general contractor, engineering staff, or loan officer. However, when I started counting, I found about 84 other individuals actually doing work on one particular new home...2 for excavation, 6 for foundation, 5 for framing, 3 for electric work, etc., etc. When I added it all up, I got 84 people. That doesn't count the manufacturers of the appliances, the sales people for the flooring, the people who assemble the electric boxes, the nursery that grows the sod and shrubs, etc. It's really amazing when you think about how critical the homebuilding business is to the economy.
When we dropped off the plans to the foundation contractor, the guy who usually does the bidding was playing solitaire on his computer. Of course, he sprang into action to get the quote prepared in a proper way. Just think of all the others who will spring into action now that we have a shovel-ready job! American workers are ready, willing, and able...Let's get the economy moving again!

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